About Us

Our state-of-the-art investment firm is a US-based company. Naming our company, we see our core competence in the subject "Robotics" and everything that goes with it.

We are committed to the revolutionary era of digitization and experience and drive process automation together with you to achieve high quality and generate stable returns through the most advanced investment methods. We rely on a mix of cryptocurrency, new ICOs, promising startups, and "Robotics."

Your capital in our offer of investment supports selected companies, which among other things promote the expansion of our fallow, as well as at the technical development around the topic of software for automated work, so that we can best support our companies where we own shares and be able to license this software to third party companies and trading partners.

How we do this?

But even if we see the world of cryptocurrency in the foreground of Robotics.Online Network stands, the people behind it are not less important.

And that's us: A team of meanwhile seven committed and motivated people who believe in the latest technologies and work together on everyday work to contribute to the digitization of the new world.

Our Team

Michael Stark / CEO

Owner & Managing Director, Company Management

Even as a little boy, I was fascinated by how fast our world is developing. In my childhood, the very first computers came on the market for the public. Over the next few years, my desire to participate in the rapid development and digitalization and to be at the forefront was growing. This desire, mixed with my preference for programming, brought me to where I am today. As the founder and director of Robotics Online, I especially care about the development of this company. In addition to my executive work, I ensure the smooth and customer-oriented processes of the company, so that Robotics.Online can continue to grow steadily.

Kevin Ross / Business Unit Manager of Technology Services

Business Unit: Technology Services, Corporate Development, Partner Management / Investment Management, Affiliate Manager

Hello, my name is Kevin Ross, 34 years old, and I work at Robotics.Online as Business Unit Manager of Technology Services. My main tasks are the company development, as well as the partner and investment management of the company. To ensure smooth processes, I work closely with our founder. As a trained marketer, I also pursue the goal of bringing people closer to Robotics and "cryptocurrencies." I also serve as a direct contact person for our affiliate program as an affiliate manager. So if you have questions as an active promoter for our affiliate program, you will come to me sooner or later.

Nicole Meyer / Social media and web communication

Support of social media channels Instagram, Facebook, Twitter / external corporate communication

I'm Nicole Meyer, 34 years old, and run our social media channels and external corporate communications. For a large online network and businesses, of course, the presence in the social media can't be missing. I provide all of our social media channels from Facebook to Instagram to Twitter with news about the crypto industry, our company, and some cool facts to provide our users with direct and best information and insights about our business. Likewise, the company-internal news on our website are regularly updated by me, and I also share worldwide news about our business area, for those who want to stay up-to-date with little effort and those who want to get acquainted with our subject first, before it can start right.

Jessica Schwartz / Communication

Internal Corporate Communications, Public Relations / Press

Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Jessica Schwartz, responsible for Communication & Public Relations. Communication is an absolute must these days and also very important to us. My primary area of responsibility is to make the internal company communication as efficient as possible, as well as press-related publications. To ensure consistent communication, I work very closely with our social media department. At the end of our work is a consistent and coherent corporate concept, which we also want to radiate to the outside.

Marc Ford / Head of IT

Head of Division: Direct Services, Finance and Logistics, IT, Cryptography Expert

The rapid development of information systems is fascinating. I've been interested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency early on and have worked with it many times, both privately and on business. The work at Robotics.Online is diverse, and my job is wide-ranging. Our topic is still very young, and there is always something new to it. That makes the work exciting. I am still very enthusiastic about it, and I am happy to be able to live and explore my passion for my work here. In addition to my work as an IT expert in the company, I also support our customer support with technical questions.

Justin Fisher / Customer support

Organization, information / customer care and customer service

Hello, my Name is Justin Fisher, Customer Support and consultation is my passion! Since I'm originally from Germany, I can offer you support in that language at the same time. That's one reason why I really like my job. Our support team is always there for you! Our claim is, to reach the highest satisfaction for our users. I am happy to answer any questions you may have and advise you on your future plans. There should be no questions left - Don't be afraid to contact us!

Vanessa Hoffmann / Kundensupport

Occupational safety and data protection / quality management

Hi there, my name is Vanessa Hoffmann, a Customer Supporter at Robotics.Online! I am also responsible for occupational safety, data protection and quality management. Of course, security and privacy are very important in today's world. In a company like Robotics.Online, even more! For us, network and computer security, as well as data protection, have top priority. Your safety is the most important thing for our whole team; you can count on us!


Responsibility & Environment:

The environment is important to us!

Due to the high power consumption, the crypto industry and its companies are often addressed by environmentalists. We take responsibility. Therefore, we do not want to be called environmentally unfriendly, which often precedes the reputation in the crypto industry.

Our company relies on sustainability through renewable energy, such as wind and solar power to avoid emissions. In this way, we can contribute as much as possible to climate protection and the preservation of our environment.

We lead by example and show that the digital currency is also compatible with the green ideas of environmental policy.