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About Us

Founded in 2018
Made Public in 2019

Since 2019, private investors have been able to use our global platform to invest in four of the most future-oriented industries.

With the help of our ready-made investement strategy, you can invest with ease even without prior knowledge and thus achieve your financial dreams faster.

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”Interested in the future of investing? Welcome to Robotics Online! My name is Michael Stark. I am the founder and CEO of Robotics Online LLC, an owner-managed based in Delaware in the United States.”

Michael Stark

How we do this?


But even if we see the world of cryptocurrency in the foreground of Robotics.Online Network stands, the people behind it are not less important.


And that's us: A team of meanwhile seven committed and motivated people who believe in the latest technologies and work together on everyday work to contribute to the digitization of the new world.

Our Team

Michael Stark | CEO

Owner & Managing Director, Company Management

Kevin Ross | Business Unit Manager of Technology Services

Business Unit: Technology Services, Corporate Development, Partner Management / Investment Management, Affiliate Manager

Nicole Meyer | Social media and web communication

Support of social media channels Instagram, Facebook, Twitter / external corporate communication

Jessica Schwartz | Communication

Internal Corporate Communications, Public Relations / Press

Marc Ford | Head of IT

Head of Division: Direct Services, Finance and Logistics, IT, Cryptography Expert

Justin Fisher | Customer support

Organization, information / customer care and customer service

Vanessa Hoffmann | Customer support

Occupational safety and data protection / quality management

Responsibility & Environment:
The environment is important to us!
photo of the robotics online team
Responsibility & Environment:
The environment is important to us!

Due to the high power consumption, the crypto industry and its companies are often addressed by environmentalists. We take responsibility. Therefore, we do not want to be called environmentally unfriendly, which often precedes the reputation in the crypto industry.

Our company relies on sustainability through renewable energy, such as wind and solar power to avoid emissions.

In this way, we can contribute as much as possible to climate protection and the preservation of our environment.

We lead by example and show that the digital currency is also compatible with the green ideas of environmental policy.

You want to know more about our company?

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