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Most Important News About Our Company in 2022

01 Aug 2022

To all the investors and members of Robotics.Online,

Today we have important news to announce - it's about the current state and future of Robotics.Online.

We at Robotics Online LLC have been working since 2018 to build, develop and become one of the global pioneers in our investment industry.

These are turbulent times: Covid-19 is still ongoing, a war between some countries has started, and global markets are changing. Inflation is rising worldwide, and falling markets and uncertainty were particularly hard on the stock markets, although our firm was largely unaffected.

Also, after the last events in the investment market, especially in Europe investors are insecure. In this article, we would like to show all members how we are currently working, what we will work on, and how we will ensure that Robotics.Online will continue to be a profitable company.


The first step is to publish a roadmap for the next 12 months. We realize that our members and investors want to know what the future holds for this company.

Over the next 12 months, there will be several changes that will ensure Robotics.Online continues to be a profitable investment platform.

Some topics include:

– Translation of the website into ten more languages

– The option to download your tax report

– More transparency about our internal operations and staff

– Sending out the first membership boxes

– Fundamental changes in our investment platform

– Fundamental changes in our partner program

You can find the complete roadmap here: Roadmap

The most significant changes for August 2022:

– Translation of the website into German

– Introduction of the new "Report" page in the dashboard

– Function to download your tax report

– Hiring of new customer support staff in 2 languages

– Improved accessibility of live chat support to 18-24 hours per day

– More transparency on our "About Us" page, the listing of new employees

– Launch of several influencer marketing campaigns


After the latest events in Europe, confidence in the investment industry has been damaged. We are aware of this and are proactively working to show more transparency to our investors.

When the investment platform of Robotics.Online first went live in September 2019, our team consisted of only a few employees at that time. Today, at the end of July 2022, we are working closely with almost 25 people.

Within the last months, five programmers worked full time for our platform, in addition to external agencies, which primarily take care of marketing and our social media channels, but also manage internal processes.

Due to the increased demand for our platform, our customer support, unfortunately, could not operate at the highest level as our investors were used to in the last years.

However, we are pleased to announce that at the beginning of August 2022, we will add new employees to our livechat so that you can reach us 18 hours a day.

In addition, we'll also be featuring the new staff on our About Us page, so we can create more transparency and show who's working for our company.

That is just the beginning: We will also show our partner agencies and list them in that section soon.

Current returns

We mentioned it at the beginning of this article: World markets are changing, and stock markets have been in a downward spiral for the most part.

Some investors may have noticed it already: Our company's returns have also been down slightly the last few months, though not remarkably much.

Robotics Online LLC's investment portfolio has adjusted to the situation, as it has the years before. With ICOs having disappeared from our portfolio some time ago, the increased focus has now been on cryptocurrency trading.

In that sector, we are able to generate steady returns despite the bear market by betting on downtrends. In other words, we did not bet on rising markets, but on falling markets. The technical term for this is "going short."

Aside from smaller investments in robotics and startups, this has accounted for the largest turnover in our business. We remain confident in our ability to generate returns at nearly the same level in the future.

Future changes to our platform

We want to list and explain the most important changes that will happen, as they will have a powerful impact on the future investment activities at Robotics.Online.

As mentioned in the roadmap, there will be some fundamental changes to our investment platform.
That is necessary so that our company can continue to operate sustainably in the future and distribute profitable returns for all investors.

As our company's working capital increases, the returns achieved also decrease. It is easier to achieve high returns with relatively little resources, rather than with a lot of resources.

Some reasons are the necessary diversification but also finding profitable investments. When trading cryptocurrencies, as the volume of investment increases, you get to an area where you can't add more capital to coins with low market capitalization.

In 2020, investments in only two startups would have been necessary—today our company would need more than 10. All of this reduces the returns, and it was already clear to everyone in our company in 2019 when we finalized the concept for distributing the returns that it would require changes while the business was running.

Over time, there was already a fundamental change in the distribution of all profits: When our platform launched in September 2019, there were no flexible returns like today, and the bonuses were still massively increased.

The autopilot bonus was four times what it is today, +4% per term, instead of +1% as it is today.

With the encouraging growth of our business, it is time to change our platform soon so we can continue to be profitable in the long term.

In 7 months from now, in March 2023, we will restructure our investment platform as follows:

Extending the term of only 12 business days per investment plan

– Lowering the autopilot bonus and investment amount bonus

– Distribution of affiliate program commissions will be based on returns

All these fundamental changes, especially the longer term of the investment plans, will ensure that our company can also work and invest sustainably.

Again, as with the restructuring some time ago, this will result in lower returns. Nevertheless, we are confident that we will continue to generate above-average returns, which will benefit all our investors.

We, the entire Robotics.Online team, would like to thank every investor for the trust they have placed in us to date.

Only because of you we were able to develop Robotics.Online into the platform you see today.

We hope we can continue to call you a member and investor of our company—because we are proud that you are a part of our company and what we have already achieved as a community.

We are looking to the future with confidence and can't wait to see what else we will accomplish as an organization.

With best regards, the team of Robotics.Online

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