MasterCard is Helping Later-Stage Startups to Grow Quickly

05 Jun 2021

Mastercard wants to help later-stage startups grow quickly and find new funding. They’re giving six-month virtual program to companies with the potential to scale and inspire big investments. One of MasterCard’s programs is Start Path, which provide startups with a single-entry point to Mastercard’s wide fintech portfolio. It also offers access to many other companies that can help them grow quickly.

Start Path reviews over 1,500 applications and selects around 40 companies that have the most promising innovations and are ready to grow. Start Path was founded in 2014 and since then has been giving 230 startups help with operational support and commercial engagements within the Mastercard ecosystem. These are some of the later-stage companies that have been selected to be part of the network:

Hoolah – It’s the leading omnichannel payment company in Asia (Buy now, pay later).

MX51 – This platform helps banks increase revenue and customer engagement by allowing them to provide innovative payment functionality.

RYD – It’s a connected car platform that lets drivers pay in-app at the pump or in station without leaving the car.

SmartPesa – They develop solutions related to payment systems and agency banking. They provide the tech, so that merchants and banks don’t have to.

Thought Machine – It builds the core banking technology that will empower banks to move away from legacy systems and towards cloud-native ones, for a better user experience.

Ukheshe – It’s a technology company that partners with banks and telecom providers to solve the problems of small business owners. It basically provides informal micro-enterprises with incredible digital banking services.

Worldcoo – It’s a fundraising platform for NGOs/charities that are supported by retailers committed to round-up the purchase amount when using their POS system.

Enveil – It provides data protection measures to securely search, share, and collaborate on data. This allows you to use third-party data privately without any risk of user exposure.

Goalsetter _ It’s a savings & financial literacy platform which helps parents to save easily, teach their kids about money from an early age and help teenagers to spend responsibly.

Zinobe – It provides a data-driven approach to lending, helping underserved consumers and small businesses get credit.

ConnexPay – It offers a way for risk and expense to be minimized when accepting or issuing payments through online travel companies and e-commerce providers.

Mylo – It automatically invests your spare change into a fully managed portfolio that will help you reach your financial goals.

MasterCard has a passion for innovation and aligns its values with the companies it selects for its program. Start Path develops opportunities for startups and helps corporates to scale cutting-edge technologies that are shaping the future of business.

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