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Announcement Company Presentation Robotics Online — ebook

09 Feb 2020

The next step on our journey is an essential one to bring Robotics Online closer to the world and all members and investors.
We will shortly publish our first company presentation as an e-book.

This presentation of our company extends over 50 pages, and reflects our company philosophy, the team behind it, and our future goals.

The content of this presentation is divided into two primary areas and will be available in German and English.
The first area is about founding a company, the founders, and everything that is directly related to it.

On the following pages, in the second section, you will find both more detailed information on previously addressed topics, as well as a detailed explanation of our website, and the associated processes.

We explain the functionality of Robotics Online step by step, from registration to the first deposit and withdrawal.

This publication is not intended to leave any space for questions—for this reason, we have illustrated all functions with pictures of the individual processes.
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