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Robotics.Online announces changes for withdrawal limits

16 May 2022

After much thought and consideration, Robotics.Online has decided to make a decision that will slightly change the way we work, which will affect the way our customers use our service.

Specifically, we have decided to introduce certain withdrawal limits. The limits will not be particularly big, so we do not expect them to impact the way our customers use our service too much.

As you know, so far, Robotics.Online did not have any limitations to withdrawing money from our service. Whether you won your money through our lottery system or by exchanging coins for USD and vice versa, you could always make a withdrawal where you only needed to pay network fees.

As of now, however, Robotics.Online will have limitations regarding how much you need to withdraw per transaction in order for the withdrawals to be possible. We have decided to raise Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawal limit to $200 per transaction, while Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) withdrawals will both require our users to have at least $25 in order for the process to be completed successfully.

However, one more thing that we should note is that this will only be a temporary change. We have already made plans to change the withdrawal limits again within the next three months. In other words, this will be a relatively brief change that will allow us to try out a new approach.

We apologize in advance to our users who might see this as an inconvenience, and wish to stress the importance of testing out new approaches, and, simply put, experimenting in order to further improve our service and make it fair, useful, and rewarding for everyone. Robotics.Online has always been dedicated to providing the best possible service, and we believe that changes are necessary for that evolution to continue.

Sometimes, the changes might seem counterproductive, but they are made with the goal of bettering our service, and sometimes, they are only a part of a bigger plan, which will result in greater improvements to how Robotics.Online operates. Make no mistake — your experience as a user was, is, and always will be our top priority.
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