PayPal is Hiring a Crypto Engineer

22 Jun 2020

PayPal is hiring cryptocurrency and blockchain experts amid rumors that the company will soon enable users to purchase cryptocurrencies directly through their platform. They are seeking out individuals who can provide cryptocurrency integration services. You can find these job listings on PayPal’s own job board.

The first job listing is titled as “Technical Lead – Crypto Engineer”. This person will help underpin new initiatives from the company’s global department. They will have a focus on agility, timing, and innovation in the future. This position is accountable for the design, development, and maintenance of key crypto features that contribute to the availability, performance, and scalability of PayPal services.

The next notable job listing we want to list is for a blockchain engineer who will work in the company’s research department: “A new committee has been set up within the Strategic Technology Enablement Team. Their responsibility is to research, make recommendations, and give their professional opinion on blockchain technologies.”

This list of jobs remains available while our crypto community keeps on talking about the recent rumors that PayPal will be accepting cryptocurrencies. The job requirements indicate knowledge of C++, cryptography, and cryptographic libraries. Bitcoin (BTC) development involves these fields as well.

PayPal has listed a few potential blockchain developments as possible risks that may have a negative impact on their business. As the industry is changing, their efforts are also keeping up. They have most likely made moves to keep themselves competitive in the rapidly evolving world of finance. Stay tuned for the latest updates in crypto world!

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