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> Who can register as a user? Do you accept users from all countries?
We are pleased to welcome investors from all over the world. Any individual, or company, no matter from which country, can create an account at Robotics.Online. The only condition is to accept our Terms of Service.
> Can I register and invest with you as a company?
Yes, we offer special business accounts with additional features and limits for selected companies. Please contact our customer service.
> Why do you use online payments?
We live in the digital age. Online payments are very simple, quick, and convenient to use. They allow direct money transfer and the fees are very low compared to regular international bank transfers.
> Can I cancel payments?
No, payments cannot be cancelled. All transactions are final and are executed immediately. Please note that we are also technically unable to cancel payments from cryptocurrencies. Always double-check your entries to avoid mistakes.
> Do you require a fee to use your offer and create an account?
No, the registration on our website is completely free, and we do not charge any user fees.
Payments may incur charges, depending on the payout method.
> Are government documents necessary to create an account?
In the course of use, we may request government documents from you to verify your account.
Verifications take place, among other things, when addressed mail items are returned, and we can not deliver relevant documents to you.
> What is the next step after the registration?
After you have created your account you can invest directly. First, find your way through our easy-to-use interface and take a look at the various categories.
> Can I access Robotics.Online through my Smartphone / Tablet?
Yes, of course. Depending on the settings of your device, you will be automatically redirected to the mobile view of our website.
> Is there a mobile app for Robotics.Online?
At the moment we do not offer an app. We plan to change this at a later date and are already busy with the planning.
> Is your website and support team set up for multilingual requests?
Our support team is available in different languages ??for you. We always try to enlarge and expand our team. The current languages ??can be found at the ticket office.
> I found a bug that affects the usability of your website. How can I contact you?
Thank you for your help! Please contact our support team. We will correct the mistake immediately. Depending on the size of the error we reward you with a small gift.
> How can I share my opinion or submit a video review?
We are pleased that you would like to share your opinion about our services with other users. We are happy to receive your feedback at If you have created a video review, please upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and send us the link, so we can link it accordingly.
> Can I also network with you via social media?
Of course - we are very happy if you also follow us on our social channels. Currently we can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You will be forwarded directly there via the social buttons on our homepage.
> Where can I find the last statistics of your website?
Our statistics of the last 7 days can be found here:
> Where can I find the latest news, updates and plans from Robotics.Online?
We offer a separate news section. This is divided into news from our company, news from around the world, and press releases about us.
In addition, we post news on our social media channels.
> When and how do competitions take place?
From time to time we offer public competitions. You can also participate in these if you do not yet have an account with Robotics.Online.
More information is published on our "News" page and our social media channels.
> How can I reach you in an emergency?
If you have technical or other questions, please contact our friendly support team. Our employees will contact you promptly to clarify the problem. We usually reply on weekdays within 24 hours.
> What information do I have to disclose to your company?
We only ask for the most necessary personal information, such as your full name and address.
Our employees will never ask you for other private information or your password. Should you encounter such a request, please report the process immediately and under no circumstances respond to the request.
> How will my data be transferred to you?
All your data will be securely transmitted to us via SSL. On the left side of our URL, you can see our green, active SSL certificate. This also confirms that we own the domain.
> How do I store my data in the system?
All data that you voluntarily specify in addition to the registration in your user account will be securely stored.
All your passwords are completely encrypted and stored.
> What data is stored by you?
We store all data that you voluntarily specify in addition to the registration in your user account.
Your passwords are completely encrypted transferred and stored.
Further information can be found in our privacy policy.
> Where do you store my data?
All data is stored exclusively on our own servers.
Please note all the information and guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can find more information in our privacy policy.
> How are my data used?
All data provided by you will be used internally by us only.
> Will my data be forwarded, sold, or used by third parties?
Under no circumstances will we transfer or sell your information to third parties.
> Is your platform safe from DDOS attacks?
Yes. We rely exclusively on the very best and most modern protection mechanisms that the market offers.
> How do you grant steady accessibility to my user account?
We take permanent accessibility and high customer satisfaction very seriously.
In addition to our DDOS protection, we can guarantee nearly continuous accessibility by hosting on multiple servers and by working with multi-domains.
You can reach us under the following domains:

Official domain:
Secondary Domain:
Third Domain:
Fourth Domain:
> Can I protect my user account with two-factor authentication (2FA)?
At this time, we do not yet offer two-factor authentication (2FA).
We are constantly working on our security systems and plan to implement this at a later date.
> What is the purpose of entering a captcha?
The solution of a captcha serves to differentiate between computers and humans. It is used to determine if a human or a machine (bots) are involved. This is used to check who made submissions to internet forms because robots are often misused here. So our company's captchas are for security.
> I found a bug that affects the usability of your website. How can I contact you?
Thank you for your help! Please contact our support team. We will correct the mistake immediately. Depending on the size of the error we reward you with a small gift.
> What is Telegram, and how does it relate to your company?
Telegram is a well-known Messanger app that places the highest value on data protection and security while allowing fast communication. For this reason, Telegram is one of the services we use for our internal communication.
> How can I protect my account?
Follow the general safety instructions.
If you want the greatest possible security for your Robotics.Online account, you can create a new email address that you only use for our website.
Always keep your password and your security question secret. Employees of Robotics.Online will never ask for your password.
> I became a fraud victim. What can I do now?
If you have reason to believe that your account has been hacked, try recovering your account access using your secret question or password recovery. If this is unsuccessful, please contact Robotics.Online Support immediately and immediately change your password for your email address. Besides, have your computer checked by anti-virus software. If you have any idea how this could happen, please let us know, and we will take action immediately.
> How do you respond to inquiries and requests from the authorities, government, individuals or other institutions?
We, Robotics Online LLC take privacy and your privacy very seriously. Under no circumstances will we disclose or sell your information to individuals or other institutions.
For regulatory inquiries, we act within the framework of the relevant laws.
The conditions for an official request for information are limited exclusively to a court order with a specific legal basis, including the relevant paragraphs.
Incomplete inquiries will not be answered.
We value the privacy of every single user of our platform. For inquiries about user accounts, in any case, the requested users will be informed about this request, unless we are forbidden by a court order to execute that.
> How can I reach you in an emergency? Do you have a telephone hotline?
If you have technical or other questions, please contact our friendly support team via the contact form. Our employees will contact you promptly to clarify the problem. We usually reply on weekdays within 24 hours. At the moment we do not offer telephone support.
> Which payment methods do you accept?
At the moment, you can deposit with the most popular three cryptocurrencies. These include:

Bitcoin (BTC)

Ethereum (ETH)

Litecoin (LTC)

> How exactly can I make a deposit?
When logged in, go to "Deposits" on the left. Now you can choose your deposit method. Please enter the amount you wish to deposit and confirm it. Once your payment has been confirmed, the amount will be credited to your respective account balance.
> Is there a minimum amount for a deposit?
No, there is no minimum amount you have to deposit. Note, however, that there is a minimum investment and payout limit.
> Do you charge fees for a deposit?
All deposits are completely free of charge.
> How long does it take for deposits to be visible on my account?
Your account will be permanently updated. If you deposit on your wallet with a cryptocurrency, it needs several confirmations. This process can take several hours.
> I have made a deposit using the means of payment you have accepted, but it does not appear in my account.
Please have a little patience. Depending on the method of payment and the fee of your transaction, processing may take several hours. Please recheck your account in 4-5 hours. If after 24 hours no deposit is visible, please contact our support team.
> In which fiat currency is your company working? In which currency will my deposit be credited?
Our system and all internal processes are calculated in US dollars. For an overview, you will find the current prices in Euro on our homepage. When you make a deposit, it will automatically be converted into US Dollars. This way, you do not have to worry about depreciation due to cryptocurrency fluctuations.
> Do I have multiple account balances for different currencies in my user account?
Yes they have. You have a single account balance for each cryptocurrency. If you deposit with a specific currency, it will be credited to the relevant account in US-Dollar.
> Can I make a deposit directly from a stock exchange?
You can. Please make sure that you always make only one deposit on a wallet. After a successful deposit, a new wallet address is automatically generated.
> Can I combine different account balances into one?
No, this is not possible. We are already working to implement this in the future.
> I accidentally made a second payment on the same wallet address. Now my balance is not changing anymore.
If you made multiple payments on a wallet, please contact our support as soon as the transactions are fully confirmed.
> How can I request a withdrawal?
To withdraw an amount, simply click on the "Withdraw" tab. Here you can now define the desired payout amount. After you have entered your desired amount, you only have to confirm it.
> How can I withdraw my profit, what are the requirements?
To withdraw your earnings, you need an active wallet from a provider of your choice. You can save and change the wallet ID in the account settings.
> How long does a withdrawal take?
All payouts are executed immediately after a manual check, which can take up to seventy-two hours, depending on the credit score, and passed on to the payment provider.
The processing time varies depending on the selected provider.
Payments via Bitcoin can take up to 24 hours. Otherwise, the settlement is usually within 4 hours of Statten.
> What is the smallest / largest possible payout amount?
The general rule:
For withdrawals via Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Perfect Money: Minimum payout $ 10.00 per transaction.
There is no withdrawal limit. You have the full availability to withdraw your entire account balance.
> What are the fees for a withdrawal?
The current fees:
  • Bitcoin (BTC) - $ 4 per withdrawal
  • Ethereum (ETC) - $ 0.50 per withdrawal
  • Litecoin (LTC) - $ 0.50 per withdrawal
  • Perfect Money (PM) - $ 0.00 per withdrawal
These withdrawal fees will be used to pay the network fees of the different currencies, so you will always receive the amount you have specified without any additional deductions.
We do not charge a percentage fee when withdrawing your money.
> How many withdrawals can I make simultaneously?
Depending on your internal credit score, you can have between 3 and 6 active withdrawals at a time.
> Can I have my Affiliate Affiliate Program withdraw funds and proceeds from competitions?
Any money earned, including affiliate program commissions and revenue from our company's competitions, can be fully withdrawn or invested in new investment plans.
Please note the associated minimum limits.
> Can I deposit with one cryptocurrency and then have my funds paid out in another cryptocurrency?
No, that is currently not possible. We plan to introduce an internal exchange service at a later date.
> I have problems with my withdrawal. What can I do?
Below we have summarized the most common reasons for a non-timely payout:

  • Your account balance is too low. Note that you can only withdraw the full amount of a single currency, but not the "total balance," if you have multiple credit balances.
  • The desired payout amount less the payout fee is too low. Make sure that your desired amount including the fee does not exceed your balance.
  • If you can not make a withdrawal despite having available funds, please check if you have a correct Wallet ID in your profile.
  • Your selected amount is too low. Make sure that your amount equals or exceeds the minimum $ 10.00 payout limit.
  • Your payout is in progress and will be processed. This can take up to seventy-two hours. You'll see a timer next to your payout.
  • Control your limits. Depending on your internal credit score, you can have between 3 and 6 active withdrawals at the same time.
> What is an "instant withdrawal?"
With the option "instant withdrawal," the payout process takes less than 60 minutes.
This feature is available every 36 business days after you made your first investment.
The availability is displayed on your dashboard and in the withdrawal section.
> How many accounts can I create?
The number of accounts is limited to one per person. It is strictly forbidden to create new accounts to get unjustified partner commissions. If we notice such actions, your account will be blocked and your balance is frozen. Please note that we may request additional documents for your verification if we notice unusual activities.
> Which account data can I change after registration?
After logging in, you can add Wallet IDs, change your password and your email. Other details such as first name, surname, date of birth, and partner ID can not be changed. If you would like to change your name afterward, please contact our support team.
> Can I change my preferred methods of payment?
Of course. Account settings allow you to customize your preferred forms of payment at any time and add or change your deposited wallets.
> Which payment methods do you accept?
At the moment we are working with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.
> How much does it cost to open an account on Robotics.Online?
The opening of an account is absolutely free. There are no hidden costs and no monthly fees.
> How can I see how much credit is on my account?
Once you have logged in, you can view the available balance in your account in real-time.
> When can I invest?
To invest, you must first become a member of Robotics.Online. Once the registration is complete, you can log into your account, make a deposit, and finally invest. The transactions are secure, fast, and easy. The registration is completely free.
> When will the first revenue be paid?
You will receive the first income from your investment within 24 hours of your investment.
Due to the need for a manual audit, weekend investments are treated as follows:
Invested amounts on Saturday will be activated after 48 hours. The first distribution of a return, therefore, takes place on Tuesday.
Amounts invested on Sunday are activated after 24 hours. The first distribution of a return, therefore, takes place on Tuesday.
The uniform time of our company applies: UTC+0
> How can I view previous transactions?
Log in to your account and click on "Transactions". Here you can see the entire transaction history of your account.
> How often will my account be updated?
You can use your account 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and see all the actions. Investments, payouts, affiliate earnings, etc. - everything is displayed in real time.
> Can I delete my account? If not, why?
You can request a deletion of your account by email. An exception is if your account has been frozen due to suspicious activity. Please note that we keep all account information encrypted and protected as best we can. Also, your data will never be shared with third parties.
> My account was hacked. What do I have to do now?
First of all please use the function "Restore Password". If this action is not sufficient, please contact our support team and tell them your personal details and account details. Please contact us, if possible, only via the email address you used to create the account.
> What can I do to keep my account safe?
  • Always log out when you have finished your actions by clicking "Log out" at the top of the website.
  • Periodically delete forms, passwords, cache and cookies from your browser, especially if you are using a public computer.
  • Never share your password with third parties. If third parties have knowledge of your password, change it immediately. Robotics.Online and its staff will never ask for your password.
  • Choose a strong password, do not write it down anywhere and do not send it via email.
  • Change your password from time to time.
  • Install a firewall and licensed antivirus software on your computer.
> My account has been blocked. What should I do now?
In rare cases, an account can be temporarily frozen. This means that he is currently being examined. We reserve the right to block accounts of users who commit a defect in Robotics.Online without prior notice. The available balance will be reimbursed to the owners in this case, less any costs for the elimination of the damage. If your account has been wrongfully blocked or you have any objections, please contact our support team.
> How exactly does the affiliate program work?
For each person you advertise you receive a commission, depending on the invested sum of this person.
> How exactly are the different levels of the partner program structured?
Our affiliate program is divided into 3 levels.

At the first level you get 5% of the invested sum.

At the second level you get 3% of the invested sum.

At the third level, you receive 1% of the invested sum.

> I'm unsure about how it works, do you have an example?
You'll share your referral link or give your friend your username, which he uses when signing up.
If this friend invests, you will receive 5% of the invested sum. This is the first level of the affiliate program.
Now, this friend recruits another person. Once this person invests, you will receive 3% of the invested sum. This is the second level.
If this friend recruits another person, you will receive 1% of the invested sum. This is the third and last level.
> When exactly do you receive the commissions?
You will always receive a commission if an investment with real money takes place. Reinvested proceeds are not included.
For a normal registration without deposit, for clicks on your referral link and impressions on used advertising materials, there are no commissions.
> In what currency do I receive my commission?
You receive your commission in the same currency that the referred person has deposited. Note that there is always an automatic conversion to the current USD rate.
For example, if your referrer deposits 1 ETH (300 U.S. dollars), you will receive 5% (15 US dollars) on the first level. So you get 15 US dollars credited to your ETH account balance.
> May I advertise my family and friends in the same household?
If you like our service, you are welcome to advertise your family and people in the same household. Keep in mind that there may be further checks on your identity as we need to make sure they are not unauthorized partner committees.
> How long do I receive commissions from a recruited person?
Once you have recruited a person, you will receive lifetime commissions. This applies to all repetitive real-money investments. It makes no difference to you whether the recruited person invests after two days, or only after a few months.
This applies to all three levels of the affiliate program.
> Where can I find my affiliate link? How can I recruit new people?
In the logged-in state under the tab "Affiliate Program" you will find your personal referral link. You can share this link with your friends or post it on social networks.
You can automatically and easily share your link with the fields below your link on Facebook and Twitter.
Alternatively, you can also share your username. This can be stated at the registration.
> Does Robotics.Online provide promotional material that I may use?
Yes! In the logged-in state, you will find a download for a package with advertising material under the tab "Affiliate Program." There are banners and GIFs in the usual sizes. You are free to distribute and share them on the internet.
Landing pages are not publicly available at the moment.
> Do you have a special affiliate program for very active and successful promoters?
At the moment we do not have a modified affiliate program with different commission levels for particularly successful promoters. However, there is a possibility that we may approach you personally and seek a direct discussion with you if we have been impressed by your achievements.
> Do you offer any other affiliate affiliate programs?
For the current period we limit ourselves to PPS (Pay per Sale) as soon as an investment has taken place. In the future, we plan to expand our system and offer additional compensation methods, including PPC (Pay Per Click), PPV (Pay Per View), PPSU (Pay Per Signup), Pay Per Link, and once our app is completed PPI (Pay-per-Instal).
> What advantage do I have if I send you a video review?
You have four basic benefits:

For a Submitted Video Review you will receive $ 50 credited to your Robotics.Online Account.

You increase your confidence in your current referrals.

You have the chance to win regular prize money.

Your video including your username will be posted on our site. If a viewer likes the video, they can register directly with your name. So you have the chance with a good video to recruit more users.

All submitted videos are rated by us with a score and are sorted by language. The best videos are in the first place. The set language of a visitor will automatically display videos of the same language. This is how we ensure a fair program, regardless of geographic origin.

> Are there restrictions, rules and eligibility rules when advertising?
In principle, you may share your affiliate link and our promotional materials wherever you like. You may also use your own created images and graphics, for example for your blog, forum or profile picture.

SEM Notes:
SEM restricted allowed
A direct link to our domain / s in Advertising is not allowed.



Signature with banner or direct link to a forum.

Banner and direct link on your own Facebook page.

Own created graphic on a blog with direct link.

Post our direct links in chats and public / closed groups.

Advertising / paid traffic to your own blog, where reviews, banners or direct links from Robotics.Online are built in.

Advertising on a landing page.

Advertising on a landing page with direct forwarding.

Not allowed:

Paid Advertising on Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc. with direct forwarding to our domains.

Brand bidding on your own brand.

Email marketing is allowed.

Influencer marketing is allowed.

Flyer Marketing is allowed.

Creating multiple user accounts for unjustified commissions is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to request additional documents for identification in the event of abnormalities and to exclude and block the created accounts from our service permanently.

Any violations of the rules and fraudulent practices against Robotics Online LLC may result in a permanent suspension of your user account.

> How do I invest?
After you have made a deposit that is confirmed, you can start your investment in the logged-in state under "Invest". Please enter your desired amount in the appropriate field and confirm it afterward. Your investment plan is now active.
> How much do I have to invest at least?
The minimum investment amount is USD 50.
> What is the maximum amount to invest?
The maximum limit for investing is $ 1,000,000 per plan.
> How long is my investment plan running?
The investment plan runs 36 business days. Weekdays are Monday through Friday. All distributions take place independently of public holidays.
> What return do I receive in which period?
With our investment offer, you will receive a return within 36 business days, depending on the success of our company. On our homepage, you will find the returns from the past. Both with long-term investment and with an increased investment amount, additional credit can be obtained on the elemental profits. The elemental amount invested, like all returns, is credited at the end of the term.
> Are there any additional fees during the investment?
There are no additional fees during the entire period of your investment. At the end of the term, all returns from the past 36 business days, including your principal amount will be credited to you.
> How many investment plans can I have active at the same time?
Depending on your internal credit score, you can have between 3 and 6 active investment plans. After the last payout from your first plan has taken place, you can start a new plan again.
> When are the first earnings calculated?
The first earnings from your investment will be calculated and provisionally noted within 24 hours of your investment.
Due to the need for a manual review, investments made over the weekend are treated as follows:

Invested amounts on Saturday will be activated after 48 hours. The first calculation, therefore, takes place on Tuesday.
Amounts invested on Sunday are activated after 24 hours. The first calculation, therefore, takes place on Tuesday.
Our company and our servers use the following time zone setting: UTC+0
> Can I invest my affiliate program earnings?
Yes, you can invest your earned commissions.
> When do the distributions of the investment take place?
The returns will be credited to you together with your original capital at the end of the 36 business days.
You can, therefore, dispose of all your funds after each full term.
> Am I exposed to price fluctuations as an investor?
The advantage of our investment offer is that you are not exposed to price fluctuations. When you deposit with cryptocurrencies, you automatically convert to U.S. Dollar, which you can use to invest. Therefore, you do not have to worry about losing value during the investment period, no matter how the price of the cryptocurrencies develops. Upon payment, the Fiat U.S. Dollar amount will be converted back into your paid-in cryptocurrency, so that you can deposit it in your bank account at the same time or by other means.
> Can I cancel my investment plan prematurely?
Since the investment period of 36 business days is below average, you cannot cancel the plan prematurely.
You always have the option of withdrawing all of your funds at any time after a term, i.e., after 36 business days.
> Can I make investments using different deposit methods?
Yes. You do not have to limit yourself to a deposit method. You are free to use different currencies and invest them. Please note, however, that the different currencies can only be created in one investment plan of the corresponding currency. Of course, you can create several separate plans, with different currencies.
> Can I fully invest my "total account balance" in a single plan?
That depends on how many deposit methods you have used or where your referral and affiliate program commissions come from.
If you have only paid with one currency, for example, Bitcoin (BTC), then you can invest your entire balance with a single plan.
If you have made two different deposits, for example, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), then you will need to complete two separate investment plans to invest your complete balance.
> My account has a balance that is not enough to make an investment. What should I do?
There are basically two options:
Withdraw the full amount or make another deposit so that your balance reaches an amount sufficient to invest.
Please note that there is also a minimum limit on a withdrawal, which depends on the different payment methods.
> Investing in a plan fails. Why is it?
This can have various reasons. Here are some of the possible causes:
  • Your account balance is too low. Note that you can only invest the full amount of a single currency, but not the "total account balance".
  • Your maximum number of possible investment plans has been reached. Note that depending on your credit score, you can only have between 3 and 6 active investment plans.
  • Your selected amount is too low. Make sure your amount equals or exceeds the minimum investment limit of $ 50.
> What is the "top-up" feature?
With the "Top-up" feature, you can top up your current plans, where you have activated "automatic reinvesting", with more capital.
The advantage is that you do not have to cancel plans if you have reached the maximum number of plans available.
Also, the bonus for a long-term investment remains and is adjusted as a percentage to the newly invested sum.

You are currently receiving a 40% bonus on an amount of $ 1,000.
You decide to invest another $ 4,000.
Your new plan is now $ 5,000, so your capital has increased five times.

At the same time, your current term bonus will be reduced by five times.
Your bonus will be set to 8%.
You still get the same amount of bonus in dollars, based on the profit.

Example calculation with a 2 percent return:

$ 1,000 investment: profit is $ 20. The bonus is $ 8.

$ 5,000 investment: profit is $ 100. The bonus is $ 8.
> What is the "Automatic Reinvest" option?
With "Automatic Reinvest", you can tie up your capital in the long term and receive additional profits.
As soon as you have activated this option on a plan, your returns, including the original capital, will be automatically reinvested at the end of the term.
These reinvestments run until you deactivate them. This way, you can benefit twice from the compound interest effect!
You will receive a 4% bonus for each completed term. The limit for that added bonus is 76 %.

Example calculation:
You will receive a return of 2% over a period of 36 business days.
Your bonus is 40%, so your return will be increased by this amount.
With a $ 1,000 investment, your 2% return would be exactly $ 20.
The 40% bonus will now count towards the $ 20 win or 2%.
So you get an additional $ 8.

Your return for this term is, therefore, $ 28.
> When can I cancel or deactivate the "Automatic reinvest" feature?
You have the option to deactivate this feature at any time.
As soon as your current plan of 36 business days has expired, no further reinvestments will be made, and you can freely dispose of all funds.
As soon as the feature is deactivated and no reinvestment is being made, your bonus for long-term capital investments expires.
> What is the bonus for increased capital?
We offer investors with higher capital additional profits on top of the regular returns.
The percentage of the bonus is divided into seven different levels.
The bonus is added to the daily profits and adds up with the reward for a longterm running investment.
We display the current data on our info page for the capital investment.
All bonuses are also valid with the "Automatic reinvest" feature and are added automatically.
> How does the lottery work?
Every Monday at 5 pm UTC, your active investments will be counted and then you will receive tickets based on the total investment amount in USD.

All numbers are picked one at a time on each weekday at 6pm, starting on Monday one hour after the tickets are assigned and ending on Sunday 6pm when the super number is picked and the winnings are paid out.

Don't worry - even if you did not pick your numbers in time for the ticket assignment on Monday, your numbers will be randomly generated so you can participate no matter what.
> How can I get lottery tickets?
For every $25 you invest, you will get one free lottery ticket on Monday 5pm.
Example #1: You have $1.000 invested, therefore when the lottery starts you will receive 40 lottery tickets (1000 / 25 = 40)

You can pick your number combinations before the lottery starts by creating custom tickets/combinations or setting your lucky numbers.

There is no other way to get lottery tickets and you can not buy any more than what you get by investing.
> What are custom tickets?
Custom tickets are tickets with a specific number combination that you have set.

You can create as many custom tickets as you want and when the lottery starts, the system will use these custom tickets first on assigning the active lottery tickets for the week.

The system will check if you have custom tickets/combinations and use them, limited by the ticket amount you get based on your investment.
Only after all custom tickets are used, the lucky numbers will be used for all remaining tickets or they are randomly generated if no lucky numbers are set.

Example #2: You have created 10 custom lottery tickets and set your lucky numbers. When receiving the 40 tickets from example #1, you will get the 10 custom tickets and 30x your lucky numbers as a ticket.

Example #3: You have created 50 custom tickets but only receive 40 tickets. The latest 40 custom tickets will be used, the rest is ignored.
> What are my "lucky numbers"?
A number combination has 6 regular numbers and 1 super number. The 6 regular numbers can be picked from a pool of numbers from 1 to 60, the super number only from 1 to 20.

You can pick one combination as your "lucky numbers" which will be used as a default combination for all your future tickets that you have not customized, otherwise your tickets will be created randomly.

You can pick your lucky numbers at any time, even before you have invested.
> How much can I win?
We have multiple different tiers of winnings based on how many numbers are correct.
Our jackpot is currently at $1 million!

Here is a breakdown of all possible winnings:
Matching super number Matching numbers Prize Odds
Yes0 of 6$0.30 per Ticket1:38.8
Yes1 of 6$0.50 per Ticket1:52.8
Yes2 of 6$2.00 per Ticket1:211.1
Yes3 of 6$15.00 per Ticket1:2018.4
Yes4 of 6$250.00 per Ticket1:46647
Yes5 of 6$5,000.00 *1:3090361.7
Yes6 of 6$1,000,000.00 *1:1001277200
No0 of 6$01:2
No1 of 6$01:2.8
No2 of 6$0.10 per Ticket1:11.1
No3 of 6$1.00 per Ticket1:106.2
No4 of 6$25.00 per Ticket1:2455.1
No5 of 6$3,000.00 *1:162650.6
No6 of 6$250,000.00 *1:52698800

*) Jackpot winnings are split equally amongst all winners.
> When and how do I get my winnings?
Winnings are paid out to your account balance immediately after the last number is picked on Sunday 6pm UTC.
You can specify in what type of currency you want your winnings at any time before the payout, the default setting is Bitcoin (BTC).
Working Hours 9:30 am – 6:30 pm
Monday – Friday
Company Address 1201 N Orange St Suite, 7160
Wilmington, DE 19801, USA
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