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Invest in your future

Robotics.Online says goodbye to conventional investments, which are designed for years, and begins a new age of short-term investments.
The highlight: All investments have a term of only 12 working days.
Conventional investments are often designed for long periods of time, sometimes even years.

9.00 %

Profits of the last 36-day investment period

How you can earn money

At Robotics.Online, you can start investing in an investment plan that we have defined for as little as $ 50. You do not pay any fees when making a deposit or keeping an account - you receive your profits proportionately from our company profit.

You win when we win!

Invest without prior knowledge

How we do it

At Robotics.Online we focus on diversifying our investment portfolio into different areas of the future-oriented economy.

In addition to our core business of automated work "Robotics", and selected start-ups, we also invest in the most future-oriented areas of the current time: cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

With your investment you hold shares in this very portfolio and make a profit if we do it.

You invest, we manage and diversify┬╣

Consistent returns with a short term

A unique selling point of our investment platform is that all investment plans have a term of just 36 working days.

Day after day, every 24 hours after an investment has been made, the returns you have achieved are displayed so that you can keep a close eye on your investment progress.

At the end of the 36-day term, all returns are credited to you and you can freely dispose of your credit.

At the end of the 36-day term, all returns are credited to you and you can freely dispose of your credit.

36 days term

On autopilot to compound interest

Decide to invest long-term and turn on the autopilot. At the end of a term, your capital including profits will be fully reinvested for a further 36 days, so that you can benefit twice with the help of compound interest.

Your advantage: You will receive an additional bonus for each completed term - because we appreciate you as a long-term investor.

Sit back and let your money grow exponentially.┬▓

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  1. Net annualized returns as of 20 Nov 2019. Past performance does not guarantee future returns.
  2. As of 7 Nov 2019