Investment Offer

Take advantage of our unbeatable offer:

Are you looking for the most efficient investment possible? Our financial experts have put together an impressive offer:

We generate profits with your capital within only 12 business days!
In this way, you can increase your capital in the shortest possible time.

We place particular importance on a healthy combination of foreseeable risk, attractive returns, as well as the short duration of the investment. To achieve this, we rely on a sophisticated diversification strategy and therefore, on a broad diversification of various investment instruments. These look - much simplified - as follows:









The composition of the portfolio

At present, cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more relevance and attractiveness and - if handled correctly - will yield high returns. That's why the second-highest percentage share in our portfolio will benefit you too. New, carefully selected ICOs also offer great opportunities for outstanding profits. Of course, these are associated with certain risks and therefore make up the smallest part of our investment portfolio. We rely exclusively on serious originators with a convincing overall concept and strong teams. This way, not only can we benefit from this market segment, but we can also limit the risks as much as possible.

A further 16% consists of startups and young companies outside our industry, which are mostly specialized in market niches that bring extremely fast growth and strong scalability.

The absolute focus is 38% on "Robotics" - our core competence. The automation in the industry and the production sectors have become essential and will only be further expanded in the future. As we see a huge future market with very, very large development potential, this segment makes up the biggest share of our economic plan. By investing through our Investment Offer, you are also investing in companies that are active in this industry, and you benefit from their positive development through profit distribution.
With another portion of the funds from your investment, we finance the technical development and software related to automated work so that we can support our companies where we own shares the best as we can, and license the software to third-party companies and trading partners.

The advantage against the volatility

An essential advantage of our investment offer is that you, as an investor, are not exposed to price fluctuations.
When you deposit with cryptocurrencies, you automatically convert to US Dollars, which you can use to invest. Therefore, you do not have to worry about losing value during the investment period, no matter how the price of the cryptocurrencies develops.
Upon payment, the Fiat US Dollar amount is converted back to your paid-in cryptocurrency so that you can deposit it into your bank account at the same time with your preferred providers, so you do not have to fear the volatility of cryptocurrencies.

Accepted Payment Methods

What advantages do you have with our Investment Offer?

Wherever you are, and whenever you want, you can invest any amount of your balance in a plan of our investment at any time of day via your smartphone or PC.

Daily investment progress:
Assuming that you are investing $ 1,000, we generate a basic return of up to a maximum of 0.5% every business day, i.e., from Monday to Friday. Every day you will see these returns in your user area and on our homepage. After the end of the 12 days, the term ends, and all earnings, including your original capital, will be credited to you. The profits you make are dynamic and depend on the success of our company.

Free control of your money, the choice is yours:
It is up to you as the investor whether you pay out your returns at the end of the entire term, or to reinvest them.
With the use of "instant withdrawal," you have the option to receive your funds in less than 60 minutes to your wallet.

Please note:
Due to the need for a manual check, weekend investments are treated as follows:
Invested amounts on Saturday will be activated after 48 hours. The first distribution of a return, therefore, takes place on Tuesday.
Amounts invested on Sunday are activated after 24 hours. The first distribution of a return, therefore, takes place on Tuesday.
Our company and our servers use the following time zone setting: UTC+0


At Robotics Online, we appreciate that you, as an investor, trust us in the long term.
On this occasion, we honor members who have opted for a long-term investment.

Even if all investment plans are designed for only 12 business days, you can use the "Automatic reinvest" option to automatically reinvest all of your capital, including the returns once a plan has been completed.
This way, you can benefit twice from the compound interest effect!
For each new term, you also receive an additional reward on your return, which is distributed as a percentage bonus.
Once activated, your entire capital from the selected plan, including the returns, is permanently reinvested for as long as you like.

This option can be deactivated at any time so that after every term, i.e., after 12 business days, you have the chance to manage and payout your capital fully.
In this way, you can invest in the long term and achieve the highest possible profit without being tied to longer terms.
Also, you can exceed the maximum base return of 0.5% with additional benefits.

Bonus long-term investing

1. Invest Period: -

2. Invest Period: + 4%

3. Invest Period: + 8%

4. Invest Period: + 12%

5. Invest Period: + 16%

6. Invest Period: + 20%

7. Invest Period: + 24%

8. Invest Period: + 28%

9. Invest Period: + 32%

10. Invest Period: + 36%

11. Invest Period: + 40%

12. Invest Period: + 44%

13. Invest Period: + 48%

14. Invest Period: + 52%

15. Invest Period: + 56%

16. Invest Period: + 60%

17. Invest Period: + 64%

18. Invest Period: + 68%

19. Invest Period: + 72%

20. Invest Period: + 76%

Each bonus level of long-term capital investment refers to the number of consecutive terms without interrupting the "automatic reinvest" function.
As soon as the "automatic reinvest" option is deactivated or interrupted by the user, the current bonus expires.

You can also use the "Top up" option to top up all active plans with more capital without losing your bonus for a long-term investment.
Our system automatically calculates the proportion to which the newly added amount contributes, and automatically adjusts your runtime bonus.

Bonus investment amount

We also offer investors with higher capital additional rewards based on the elemental percentage.
The percentage of the bonus is divided into seven different levels.

From 50$ (Min.) - 1,000$:

From 1,001$ - 5,000$:

From 5,001$ - 10,000$:

From 10,001$ - 50,000$:

From 50,001$ - 100,000$:

From 100,001$ - 500,000$:

From 500,001$ - 1,000,000$:


+ 10%

+ 25%

+ 35%

+ 50%

+ 70%

+ 90%

Both the bonus for long-term capital investment and the bonus for an increased investment sum can be combined and are automatically determined at the beginning of an investment plan for the following term of 12 business days and this whole Term continued. Both bonuses relate to the returns achieved and are distributed together with these at the end of the term. The investment amounts of several independent plans within a user account are not added when calculating the bonus. Each individual plan, therefore, receives the corresponding bonus based on its investment amount.

The current limit of this bonus is +90%.
This increase is added to the basic percentage distributed daily and is added to the bonus for long-term capital investment.

All bonuses are also valid with the "Automatic reinvest" option and are added automatically.