Upcoming Membership Cards!

Date: 21 Nov 2019

As a new startup in the 21th Century, you have two choices:

1. Be a problem-solver.
2. Offer a better service than your competitors.

At Robotics Online, we are working on bo...

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Multi-Domain and Server Backup

Date: 10 Oct 2019

In the last weeks, we prepared our systems for multi-domain usage and server backup.
If any technical or physical error will occure with the primary server, for example, a hard drive failure that...

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The Beginning

Date: 02 Sep 2019

The time has finally come!

We are officially launching our website.

This is just the begining.

After endless hours of brainstorming and working, we are so happy to show you...

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Amazon wants to ship you anything in 30 minutes

Date: 21 Nov 2019

Amazon is spending crazy amounts of money on getting you stuff faster. It'll spend more than $35 billion (Yes, you heard that right, $ 35,000,000,000) on shipping costs this year, more than twice what...

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