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May 2019 – Present – Next 12 Months
Accomplished Milestones

August 2022

Translation of the website into German
Conceptual change of our investment platform
Conceptual change of the 12-day investment terms and the profit distribution
Launch of the new “Reports” tab in the dashboard & the function to download your own tax report
Translation of the website into Russian
Hire new employees for support in 2 languages & improve live chat support to 18-24 hours a day.
Add more transparency on our about us page, list new employees.
Start multiple influencer marketing campaigns.

September 2022

Translation of the website into Hungarian
Improvements of UX - Dashboard & Lottery

October 2022

Translation of the website into Spanish
First shipment of our membership boxes and cards within Europe, to investors who want a set.

November 2022

Add Tether (USDT) TRC-20 as new payment method.
Translation of the website into French
Launch of our telephone support hotline (English & German)

December 2022

Translation of the website into Mandarin
Add more employees to the about us page and provide more transparency.

January 2023

Add an additional landing page for the affiliate program.

February 2023

Company Report [July 21 - Dec 22]

March 2023

Lowering of the autopilot bonus & bonus investment amount
Conceptual change of the affiliate program. Commissions will be calculated upon investors profits.
New design for the homepage and sub pages.
New affiliate banners and improved landing pages.

April 2023

Step-by-step video tutorials for buying crypto, depositing, investing, withdrawing, working with our partner program.

May 2023

Robotics.Online App for Android

June 2023

Translation of the website into Dutch, Hindi, Arabic and Portuguese

July 2023

24/7 Live chat support in all available languages
Robotics.Online App for iOS

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