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5 stars

I am specially satisfied with the returns, which is basically the USP of the whole platform. With almost +10% per month, you can't complain. Actually, the profits are currently enough for me to no longer need the €450 part-time job, which saves nerves, time and is just pretty awesome.

5 stars

I have been investing with since June 2020.
By using compounding interest my initial investment had already doubled by December 2020.
At this moment (March 2021) everything is still going well so I am very happy and want to thank the team for this opportunity and their friendly support whenever I have a question.

5 stars

Robotics.Online is a great company and I am glad that I am a member. The platform is continuously accessible and all functions and payouts work exactly as they should.

5 stars

I've been here for 3 weeks now and everything is going as it should. I contacted the team once for two short questions and got an answer in two hours. In return, 5 stars for you!

1. Average interest rate in the past. Your returns may be higher or lower.

2. Calculated average annual interest rate of 94.74% for Robotics.Online since opening the investment platform to the public in 2019 compared to different investment opportunities.

• Bank deposits: 0.26 % - average interest rate for an agreed maturity of less than one year in the euro area. (1 January 2018 - 30 June 2020) - Source

• Bonds: 4.03 % - average annual return for the Bloomberg Barclays Global-Aggregate Total Return Index over the last 5 years (as of 31 Aug 2020) - Source

• Real estate: 7.87 % - annualized returns for the MSCI World Real Estate Index (USD) over the last 10 years, as of 31 Jul 2020. - Source

• P2P: 11.16 % - average annual profit for investors on the three largest P2P platforms with a current market share of 59.41 %, as of 31 Aug 2020. - Source

• Stocks: 18.13 % - annualized net returns for the S&P 500 (28 Aug 2015 - 28 Aug 2020). - Source